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"Saving a life is much better than trying to kill someone" - In Memory of Şehîd Hawro Christian

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In Memory of Şehîd Hawro Christian Şehîd Hawro Christian [Kevin Howard, also known as Kane Harley] joined the Peoples Protection Units - YPG on October 1st 2016. He spent 40 days in the Academy. He then joined the Manbij and Tabqa operations, where he was commander of Yekîneya Bijîşkî Taktîkî [tactical doctors unit]. In Raqqa he fought alongside the Syriac Military Council - MFS. This Interview was recorded during the last days of the campaign for the liberation of Tabqa on 7th of May 2017. Şehîd Hawro Christian, was a soldier who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq in the US...
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