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10 Dangerous Borders With Huge Conflicts ⚡️

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10 dangerous borders with huge conflicts - As some borders in this world are prone to terrorist activities, crime and political instability, we have made a top 10 list of which countries are in conflict with each other and why. Do you live in one of these countries and can you tell us your personal experience of crossing those borders? We're looking forward to it in the comment section! ☞ LIKE ☞ SUBSCRIBE ☞ COMMENT ☞ SHARE _________________________________________________________ Dangerous Borders With Huge Conflicts 10. Chad/Sudan ????????⚡️???????? 09. Mexico/USA ????????⚡️???????? 08. Pakistan/Afghanistan ????????⚡️???????? 07. China/North-Korea ????????⚡️???????? 06. South Sudan/Sudan ????????⚡️???????? 05....
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